Looney Luca

Looney Luca #6586

Accessory 4 Attributes
Accessory Pulcinella Costume
Accessory Rainbow Unicorn Toy Horse
Accessory Smile
Accessory Spaghetti Mouth

Random Fun Fact

Luca was born in Capelle aan den IJssel, a small Dutch town near the city of Rotterdam. The town's official flag features two white fish on a blue background. Luca's arrival in Capelle aan den IJssel was unexpected; originally intended to be born in Rotterdam, Luca's mother was sent to a hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel due to concerns about amniotic fluid levels. A midwife at the hospital observed the low levels of amniotic fluid and decided to induce labor. Despite the unexpected circumstances, Capelle aan den IJssel held a familial significance for Luca's family, as Luca's mother had spent her formative years there, completing both primary and secondary education in the town.

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